Food/Rest. Review : Stevan Meat Shop

It is said that Stevan Meat Shop firstly open at Pesanggrahan ( Meruya ), then at Flavor Bliss ( Alam Sutera ), and now their opening a new branch at Pantai Indah Kapuk. It's just an ordinary saturday for me, so thinking about a place to hang, me and my friends decided to dine at this place. Stevan Meat Shop is actually a Meat Shop which sold many variety of beef, sausage, fish and chicken. But, not only a place to buy meats, they also has a place to dine.

Atmosphere :
The interior is a minimalist modern type with a touch of brick walls and light wood. In PIK branch, they're has an outdoor dining area & the meat shop on the 1st floor, then an indoor dining area in second floor. That time we choose to eat at 1st floor which is an outdoor area. Not too comfortable because of the mosquitoes !

Price :
A lil' bit pricey if you go with their steak.

Food :
Even though they are having another kind of food besides steak ( which is quite affordable ), I'm interested to try their steak. So we can choose a wide variety of beef or sausage or fish or maybe chicken, then we pay it per grams. We cannot choose how many grams that we want, but mostly they cut it into around 200grams. So I'm choosing an Australian Angus Beef Ribeye Steak ( on the bill it is said 255grams and the price for 1kg is IDR 385.000) - IDR 98.175. After we choose the beef, we can choose with or without the side dish ( sauce ( yes sauce! ), veggies and potatoes ). With a side dish you have to add IDR 35.000, which I think a lil' bit too pricey for only a side dish. For a potatoes dish, I choose Potato Herbs, but since their stock is only a few, they give me an extra mashed potato.
The beef was quite tender, with a taste of herb as the seasoning. But it's not that special. What I want in a steak is an intense beef flavour which I found in this steak is a lil' bit flat. The barbeque sauce that I choose is just okay. The potato herbs, was just okay too, but it's gonna be good if the skin was a lil' bit crispy though. The veggies are so bland. Not really enjoy it. They need to put butter for taste ! Mashed potato, nice presentation but taste just okay too.

Then a friend order Beef Bockwurst Sausage ( 2 piece 27 grams ) - IDR 38.475, with a side dish adding IDR 35.000 more . The bockwurst is quite long, but taste just okay too.

Dory Fish ( 32 grams ) - IDR 25.600, with a side dish adding IDR.35.000 more. The fish was really- really soft, and taste like an egg ( lol ). Well.... I just think that dory fish doesn't go well with the grilled. It's better fried ;p

For the drinks, just a standard Ice Lemon Tea - IDR. 10.000.

A lil' bit later Ruby from Wanderbites, joining me for the dinner and he order the Barramundi Fish ( an Australian fish ) which turns into a so - so dish too. Well overall, I thought the food here taste only so- so and just okay. Not having the WOW Factor that makes me wants to come back ( because I have already taste a better place to eat steak with those price ). But I think I will give a second chance for their 'other' menu like nasi goreng wagyu or wagyu spaghetti. We'll see ! ;)

Jl. Mediterania Indah Golf,
Rukan Crown Golf Mediterania blok A No.08
Pantai Indah Kapuk.


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