Food/Rest. Review : My Kopi - O !

Last month finally I got a chance to visit the newest mall around Serpong which is Living World. So many restaurant at the ground floor, but there's one that quite get my attention. Without too much thinking, me and my friends decided to eat at this (we could say ) kopitiam :p

Atmosphere :
The interior was nice. I love the mixed of the colorful furniture and decorations with white color. Light wood also adds the classic minimalist but elegant ambiance. Clean and casual.
Price :
IDR 50.000 - 60.000 / person.

Food :
Usually kind of 'kopitiam' restaurant only offer some light snack and food. But not for My Kopi- O! They served many kind of heavy meals and also drinks.
Ok, after looking and looking, I picked Noodle Tower Seafood - IDR 30.800. The presentation was nice. Look at the crispy deep fried noodle that look like a mini tower ! ;p The taste was quite nice, smells good and savory. Well... if you know "I Fu Mie", this one is pretty much the same. But what I love is they're using a thin noodle in this dish.

Then, Fried Rice in Crab Sauce - IDR 30.800. Again and again, I love the presentation. The fried rice shaped like a pyramid, cook in a chinese style ( without the sweet soy sauce ), then a thick sauce made with egg, sliced crab stick and Japanese seaweed underneath. Tastes nice too.

Spaghetti Mamak - IDR. 38.800. This one is quite interesting, if you know 'mie goreng' this one is pretty the same, but the different is they're using spaghetti. Even though it looks really red, it's actually not spicy.

Stirfried Noodle - IDR 30.800. Comes in a quite big portions, this dish was quite yum. Smells yum, and they're using a thin noodle.

For the drinks we order, Coffee Toffee - IDR 34.800. Tastes creamy and niceeee.

Nanyang Kopi Tarik - IDR 18.800. I loveee the bubble on top, soooo invitingggg ... :p Taste creamy but there's a lil' bit sour bitter taste in it.

Ice Dark Choco - IDR 28.800

Ice Tea Tarik - IDR 20.800

My Kopi - O !
Living World, GF Unit 35
Alam Sutera Blvd 21, Serpong
Telp. (021 ) 2923 9418


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