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Fresh from the oven ! Last night I was going to this restaurant, after watching Kungfu Panda 2 ( It’s our Independence Day’s Holiday ! ). The movie was incredibly entertaining ( who doesn’t like Poh the panda ?? ;p ) and besides, I had a great time at this newly open restaurant.

Still a sister company from a famous restaurant chain like Loewy, Canteen or Cork and Screw, Union are bringing some Brasserie, Bakery and Bar concept. The rumor has it. Some famous young chef which is Chef Adhika Maxi( that has been worked in Gordon Ramsay's restaurant ) are the Head Chef for the Brasserie, and the beautiful Pastry Chef Karen Carlotta for the Bakery. And yea… I’ve heard about the crazy queue in this restaurant, so I decided to make a reservation. And you know what.. the restaurant is fully booked for the day, but the receptionist suggest me to put my name on the waiting list. And here I am at the waiting list number 12 ! :p

Atmosphere :

I loveeeee the vibe at Union ! Dark wood paneling and furniture, white tiles, vintage pictures hanging on the wall and the most exciting, Open windows ! The view are amazing since it’s located at the front of Plaza Senayan’s Fountain ( Yes they have one ! – go to Sogo’s Starbucks then you’ll know). And don’t worry about the Jakarta’s heat, because they place some Air Con ( or fan ? I don’t know :p ) at their windows. I love this concept, and I found it really cozy to hang at this place. And yeah… The waiter are soooo friendly.

Price :

A little bit pricey, but worth it. 60k – 150k. Approximately 100k- 150k/ person.

Food :

( First I’m sorry for the pics because I’m taking it with a Fisheye Lens, because my bro was using those 50mm lens at that time)

I found all the dishes that I’ve had are pretty yum! Before we eat, we’ve been served by their bread that accompanying with butter, salt and olive oil. The bread taste fresh and a little bit chewy.

So for starters we order Romaine Caesar Salad ( Rp. 60.000,- ). This salad are really good! Consist of Romaine Lettuce, Chicken, Half Boiled Egg, Potato chips and Bacon bits with a light mayonnaise dressing. The Potato chips and the Bacon really gives a nice crunchiness on this salad. Fun to eat.

We also order Scallop Aglio Olio Spaghetti ( Rp. 70.000,- ). The first look, I thought it was sooooo dry. But then, I know that the Scallop and Olive oil was at the bottom. The Scallop was sooooo fresh!! And it cooked perfectly! ( Not too raw, not too overcooked ) Taste sweet and soft, not chewy at all. The spaghetti are cooked al dente with a dash of chili flakes and olive oil. Nice !

Then, we order Whole Roast Baby Chicken – for two persons ( Rp. 100.000,- ) Served with potato wedges and vegetables. The Chicken was roasted perfectly with lemon and rosemary, it’s quite tender. The sauce are more taste like tomato soup ( sour and salty ). Well… I don’t like the sauce, so I leave it alone. The potato wedges are nice and crunchy.

Drinks! Just like at Loewy, they serve some fancy cocktails too. So we try the waiter’s recommendation which is Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan Cocktails ( Rp. 85.000,- ). First served, we’ve been amazed by some foam ( or I don’t know what it’s been called ) that is big, and cotton candy like. Then the waiter pour some of the liquid, and the cotton candy we’re melted ( Aaaaaaaaa….. ! ) The cocktail taste so refreshing because it’s really sour :p ( I thought it will be so sweet since it’s name is cotton candy. Oh well… :p )

Then, Ice Peach Tea ( Rp.25.000,-), taste nice.

And Fresh Lemon Juice ( Rp. 20.000,- ), taste really sour and refreshing

Dessert! Yeah… Their Red Velvet Cake was already been the talk of the town, so I really curious about this cake and really want to try ( Red Velvet lovers !!! ) But unfortunately, my last piece of the cake was given to another customer ( even I’ve already order it first), because of the missed communication of the waiter ( huaaaaa…… ). But then, the good waiter ordered me some of another cake which is Crispy Chocolate Cake, for a COMPLIMENTARY of what has been happen. ( Yaayyy…. ! ). Then the cake served nicely with it’s beautiful thin crust, layer of dark chocolate and raspberry and blueberry garnish. The cake tasted sooooo heavenly ! It’s crunchiness from the thin crust, and the bittersweet chocolate was reminding me of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate :p

After I go home and look at the bill, I’ve just noticed that there’s a bottle of Equil charges in the bill even though I’m not ordering it. Oh well…. I already had a nice serviced, nice food, and nice time at Union, so I don’t mind ( Unconditional love . LOL). But next time, I will sure to check the bill again, and make sure that I’ve got my own Red Velvet Cake ! *Noted :p

Plaza Senayan Courtyard
Ground Floor, Jl. Asia Afrika No.8
021 - 5790 5861 - 63
Twitter : @UnionJKT


  1. abis ngeliat kok bibir saya lgsg ileran.. :D

    entah makanan nya yg nafsuin atau hasil fotonya yang menambah nilai "nafsu"

  2. @eggie : kayanya dari lahir lo juga uda ileran deh... *kidding ;P hahahah... thanks anyway

  3. looks delicious... *putting on my to-try list*

  4. DEM! I want this so badddd. :'(
    Udah 2x buking, masa waiting list 12org terus. padahal masih 2 days in advance bukingnya. :'((

  5. @sara : mending langsung dteng deh. ga akan bisa booking2an hahha.... itulah teknik marketing dia :p

  6. emank kalo ga booking ga dapet tempat ya?

    my friend said it's not that good and overpriced jd nunda nunda mulu mau nyoba hehe

  7. Saya baru makan kemarin di sana dan menurut saya sama sekali ga enak. Apa karena saya pesan menu pasta paling murah, 60 ribu dan salmon raviola yang 80ribu dengan rasa plain dan porsi kecil sekali? Merasa sangat ga worth it. Msh byk resto lain dgn harga sama, porsinya besar dan enak. Untuk kue, saya udah coba red velvetnya dan rasanya flat abis. Masih heran kenapa resto ini bisa selaku itu, ada yang bisa bantu menjawab keheranan saya?

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