Food/ Restaurant Review : Hops and Malt

It's time for PIK ( Pantai Indah Kapuk ) culinary ! As you guys know, PIK area are starting to be the place for hungry eaters since Leko and Tekko ( The Iga Penyet ) open there. As the area develops, there are many new restaurant open and offering so many kind of food. Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Western, Vietnamese, -5 degrees beer ? You name it.

Just open at 31 July 2011, "Hops & Malt" ready to serve you with many range of food and also, beer. It is say that they provided kind of Beer Games too. But in that time, I'm having ladies night, so I don't think the Beer Games fit us :p

Atmosphere :
Brick walls, asphalts floor, dark wood furniture. I think the place is quite nice, but I think there's still some elements in the room that doesn't go well together. Maybe would be more cozy if the lighting more warm and not too bright.

Price :
from 20 - 60k. Approximately 60- 80k/ person.

Food :
I'm quite enjoying my dinner there. I think they serve a quite nice food. Plus, there's still 30% discount because of their soft opening.
I 'm ordering Fettuccine Alfredo ( IDR 35.000 ). When the dish arrived, I'm quite confused because they're written 'Green Fettuccine' in their menu's descriptions. I thought that green fettuccine means using spinach fettuccine or else, but I was wrong. Greens means their using peas in the dish. LOL. But the taste was actually pretty good. The creaminess was perfect, and the smoked beef taste nice.

Next, Gindara Steak ( IDR 45.000 ). The fish was cooked perfectly and taste fresh. There's some kind of sauce on top of it that I don't know what it is :p Taste quite like marinara sauce. But it's good.

Half Chicken ( IDR 45.000 ). The chicken quite nice too, tender and grilled perfectly. The BBQ sauce also okay.

Drinks, I'm ordering Smoothie In Fusion ( IDR 24.000 ) . Taste okay with a taste of orange and pineapple, etc.

Hops Delights Mocktail ( IDR 29.000 ). Well... I don't like this one. I think there's some strange flavour in this drinks that I don't like tho.

Grass Fizz Mocktail ( IDR 29.000 ). As you can see this mocktail using lemongrass, so you can figure out how it's taste like :p

And you know what, they're giving a complimentary shots which is Jell-O Shots, if you are tweet and mentioning them. The taste of the shots was quite nice with a strong peanut flavour.

Desserts! We're ordering Chocolate Lava Cake ( IDR 25.000 ). The chocolate cake was served in tin foil, the cake was a little bit thin, yet the chocolate inside was abundant. And yes, never goes wrong with a Vanilla Ice Cream!

Next we're trying Casata Alla Siciliana ( IDR 20.000 ). It's basically an Ice Cream cake containing candied or dried fruit. It taste just okay for me.

Hops & Malt
Pantai Indah Kapuk Boulevard
UB - RGB 17 - 18a
Twitter : @HopsMalt


  1. @ Ruby : kayanya ada yg lebih sering kesana nih daripada gw. heheheheh

  2. ini patokannya dmn yah? cordoba bkn? butuh referential tmpt nongkrong asik buat acara kecil2an

  3. @STEVENNY: Dari waterbom terus aja arah mau masuk tol. Puter balik sebelum masuk tol. Ada di deretan ruko sebelah kiri. =)

  4. @ ruby : huahahha... thx bro. lebih cepet elo daripada gw yg comment hahaha

  5. Thanks for the blogs and comments!

    :) we have improved since then! Please come again and enjoy!



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