Food Bloggers Event : Yang Manis Dari Masa Lalu

It's been a busyyy weeks for me, and honestly I feel so bad for writing this post a little bit late. But... it's better than none right? :p
So .. 2 weeks ago, I've been invited by Mr. Arie Parikesit ( Kelana Rasa ) to attend some event that held by Alchemy and also involving Walls Indonesia. This event held at Rempah - Rempah restaurant, a traditional and ethnic Indonesian food restaurant at Senopati. With it's title "Yang Manis dari Masa Lalu" ( the sweetness from the past ), the guest ( mostly all the Food Bloggers around town ) also introduced to a new variant from Walls Ice Cream, "Es Dung - Dung".

The event start with a break fasting dinner that provided by Rempah- Rempah Restaurant. The menu is not really ordinary I could say, it is really an authentic Indonesian food! First, we try Sop Senggang Halimah. This is a clear beef ribs soup with some green cherry tomatoes. The soup taste so light yet savory, with a lil' bit sour taste.

Then to the main course, we're having Ayam Rempah. I kinda love the curry leaves that been using in this dish, lil' bit salty and crunchy ( because it's fried ) but giving a nice spiciness to the chicken.

Next, a quite unique one is Abon Tembakau Deli, which is really crunchy ( not like the typical Abon ;p ) with a strong coriander ( ketumbar ) taste.

And also a unique dish is Balado Limbat. Limbat is one of type of fish from Sumatra. The fish thinly sliced, deep fried, and served with Balado seasoning. The fish taste smoky, reminded me of Cakalang Fish.

and also served with Bakwan Jagung, and Salad Melayu.

After dinner, Arletta Danisworo as the MC, start a discussion about some food that we usually has when we were kids.

Then Ratna Soemantri ( The dessert specialist ) give us a quick knowledge about the history and the difference between the various type of ice cream.

After that, Arie Parikesit ( Culinary Expert ) spoke a lil bit of Indonesian culinary and how we must proud with our traditional food and support them. Definitely a wake up call for me ! ( I'm seriously thinking to travel more and tasting all of those authentic Indo food ;p )
Then Nuning Wahyuningsih (Brand Manager Wall's DungDung) introduced us to "Es Dung - Dung" , a new variant from Walls Ice Cream, with a traditional flavor which is Coconut and Jackfruit. Amazingly, the Coconut flavor definitely taste like a traditional Es Dung -Dung ! It's nice because there are some coconut or jackfruit bits in it !

After that we're having some Ice Cream Decorating games, and Jenzcorner & Febe from Ingredients of Life won it! Congrats girls!

And you know what.... I'm also winning one of the games, which is a "Live Tweet Photo Competition". So in this games we take a pic of Es Dung- Dung that been served, then we Twitpic that to @esdungdung twitter account, then they pick the winner. I've got a unique parcel from Cemal Cemil. Yay!

Before we go home, we're given 2 packs of Es Dung - Dung as well.

At the end of the day, I really had a great time ( even though having a crazy traffic jam and bad migraine before ). Definitely an educating yet entertaining event, and thank you for inviting! :)


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