Food Review : Bangkok's Dangerous ! ;D

My Bangkok Trip has come ! and you know, Bangkok is sooooo Dangerous for me because all of those tasty food, and all of those cheap shopping spree ! *Doh! :D hahaha... Enough said, Thailand's food are always close to the spicy, sour and rich taste. And you know what, even I choose my food randomly, they were all taste so yuuuummmmm ! Here's a sneak peak of what I'm having on a very shorttttt 3 days vacation in Bangkok. Enjoy !

Some Street food !

Thai's coconut !Durian's anyone ? :D
Pork & Chicken Satay
Fried Chicken !

Som Tam ( Mango Papaya Salad )

Pad Thai !

Seafood Tom Yum with Rice

Rice Noodle in Tom Yum Soup
Ice Thai Tea
Glass Noodle in Tom Yum Soup
Pork Suki
Glass Noodle Pad thai with Prawn !
Rice Vermicelli Sausage, Basil & Pork Sausage, Curry 1000 year egg
Thai's Sweet Crepes with coconut!
Stir Fried Prawn with rice
Tamarind & Chili Soup
Rice Vermicelli in Tom Yum Soup
Rice Vermicelli in Fish Soup

Crispy pork skin Som Tam


  1. I really love Bangkok food. It has something which cannot be found in other places. But I love street foods rather than hotel food. I don’t know about you. The street food is so tasty that you will skip your meals for it. Every food is so delicious and flavored. I think you should try it and write a post on it. We can see them cooking in their own style. I was really wondered when I saw it. They do it very fast and the taste is perfect in everything. Of course you know that Thai food is favorite one of all around the world. The local cuisine is of great attraction in Thai. One must have that in their life at least once. Bangkok is special because we can get every region’s food there. There we can see small stores which are run by locals. Two types food s are available from there. There are specialty shops and we will get food by request also. We can order any kind of Thai dishes here. It is called ahan tham sung. Anyways I don’t want to lower its value by making it only a place for Thai food. Food from all around the world is available there. The main factor is the reasonable price of food over here. We were a group of ten. Since we were too hungry, we just went on eating. The taste made us eat more. But we didn’t have to pay much. That is the main reason of their success. Seafood in Bangkok is also famous for extra ordinary taste. I think it is normally expensive in other places. I don’t know. Here, you can really have a satisfying dinner which will be affordable to you. It is impossible to find seafood for this price in other places.



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